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Yorkshire and Humberside Brass Band Association

Hardraw entries now open!

 The Contest is to be held on Sunday 8th September 2019 and the Entry Fee ( non returnable)  is £110 (£50 returnable on playing)

As for 2018 the two stage procedure applies for the 2019 contest.  If you would like to enter please follow the procedure below.

1. Download  and complete the entry form,  complete it and send it by e-mail to s.l.warriner@leeds.ac.uk or by post to 10 Strait Lane, Huby, Leeds LS17 0EA. DO NOT SEND ANY MONEY at this stage – please note I have moved house since last year!

2. All entries received by the 29th of March 2019 will be considered equally for a place at the contest. Places will be allocated as follows

 There are 7 places for Section A Bands ( = Championship-2nd Section)

 There are 6 places for Section B Bands (= 3rd, 4th and Ungraded bands)

PLEASE NOTE that 3rd section bands will now compete in Section B. Following their recent success Leyburn will compete in Section A in 2019 should they enter and obtain a place.

 The band with the highest number of points from the previous year will be automatically given a place provided their entry has been received by the deadline. (For the 2019 contest this band is Wardle Anderson Brass).

 If there are more entries than places in the remaining sections then places will be allocated by a draw (separate draw for each section). After the section roster is complete the draw will continue to determine the order of reserves.

 Bands allocated a place in the contest at this point must send their entry fee to the contest controller within 2 weeks of the draw or will forfeit their place in the contest.

 If a band forfeits their place or withdraws the place will be offered to reserve bands in order that they appear on the reserve list.

 Entries received after the draw date will be allocated any available spaces within their section/reserve list in the order that their entries are received

 After the end of March if one section remains unfilled the contest organisers may at their discretion alter the balance of places available in each sections to fill the contest entries.

Your entry will be acknowledged by e-mail within 48 hours.  If you have not had this response please check your entry has been received.  You can assist by please making sure your e-mail is very clear on the form!